Where blockchain is going: Podcast announcement with RSquad’s CTO

2 min readDec 21, 2022

RSquad CTO Roman Nguyen took part in a podcast recording for SeedOn. As a blockchain expert, he shared his vision of technology development, and also talked about how crypto startups can launch under the current conditions.

It turned out to be a meaningful conversation that will be of interest to developers, project teams, investors and those who are interested in the life of the crypto world. Here are the questions Roman answered.

About crypto startups

Taking into account the experience of GAGARIN (a launchpad for crypto startups created by the RSquad team), Roman Nguyen described the current situation with project launches and attracting investments.

⠀▫️ How are things in the crypto-startup market?
⠀▫️ Has the role of IDO been retained in fundraising?
⠀▫️ Why should projects bet on their community?
⠀▫️ Who cheats teams when launching startups?
⠀▫️ How to avoid unscrupulous counterparties and “draining” of tokens?

Roman Nguyen also gave 5 tips that will help you successfully launch the project and not fail in the first days after the listing.

About blockchain technologies

⠀Of course, the technical director of RSquad talked about the development of blockchain technologies, which are based on both startups and platforms that collect investments for them.

⠀▫️ What are the benefits of 5th generation blockchains?
⠀▫️ Why is there no mass introduction of new solutions?
⠀▫️ Will the main technological platform in the blockchain change?

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SeedOn is an innovative ecosystem that represents a new approach to traditional crowdfunding platforms. Its key values — trust, transparency and cybersecurity — are aimed at minimizing risks and increasing the transparency of transactions.

RSquad is a blockchain laboratory that has implemented more than 75 projects, including in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, TON networks. The geography of partnership is 14 countries of the world.

GAGARIN is a fully decentralized platform for project incubation, their subsequent support and IDO. It brings together more than 80k investors, thanks to which over $1 million has already been raised for the development of startups.

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