We became partners of DigiU.Lab!

We have great news. The RSquad and DigiU.Lab development team have become partners.
Together we will conquer ever higher peaks and achieve more and more challenging and interesting goals. At the moment, our cooperation is in joint work on the
Eywa.Fi project.
Read what our partners at DigiU.Lab have to say about RSquad’s role in collaboration:

“A new development team has joined DigiU.Lab blockchain lab! Each member is an expert in their field who will help improve the Eywa.Fi product.

How the extension of the DigiU team will help increase your profits:
✅ The Eywa.Fi product will get more of the resources it needs, and it will get a massive boost in development, which will speed up its monetisation process.
✅ Increasing the number of experts in the team will help speed up the development process and increase the product’s chances of successful entry into new international markets.
✅ All of the above will increase the company’s capitalisation and bring more profit to the company and its partners (dividends).

The new development team is called RSquad. Why we are confident in our choice, and how it will help us grow: read below 👇

RSquad is an implementation of low-code solutions, corporate web development and most importantly own blockchain lab. In 7 years of existence, the team has implemented more than 70 projects for customers from 15 countries.

The team was engaged in automation of intellectual property exchange trading in the form of tokenised assets (Ethereum), creation of corporate payment system and corporate crypto wallet (Tendermint), designed architecture of state-level election audit solution (Free TON), created a library for web application implementation (Solana) and much more!

There are 5 new RSquad team members involved in the work on Eywa.Fi:
- front-end team lead Pavel Ananiev (head of the web department at RSquad).
- senior front-end developer Oleg Veselov.
- blockchain lead Roman Romanov.
- Roman Nguyen, the person in charge of all production at RSquad, a partner in the company.
- Boris Pimonenko, CEO, managing partner at RSquad.

RSquad considers Eywa.Fi as a key project for many reasons: the original idea, the team’s interest in the product, the expertise of the DigiU founders.

The collaboration between RSquad and DigiU will create a web interface that allows users to interact with all the features of the created protocol, perform exchanges, manage liquidity, issue synthetic assets in all the networks supported by the protocol, and a gasless system will be integrated. The interface is being designed with the latest user experience trends and for mass adoption. RSquad will act as developer of Solana programs (smart contracts) to integrate the network into the protocol.

Eywa’s idea is to create its own decentralised non-custodial cross-chain exchange. The main problem Eywa solves is the problem of liquidity fragmentation between blockchains. With our product, DeFi users will be able to decentralise their assets between different blockchains safely, quickly and profitably! Currently, DigiU.Lab has created a working version of Eywa.”

Source: https://t.me/digiu_ai/2111



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RSquad is a international team of experts specialized in the development of decentralized information systems based on blockchain technology.