The RSquad DEX Solution

A brief outline

Platform overview

Vision of the problem (project prerequisites)

Characteristics of a finished product

  • create a pair;
  • add a farming pool;
  • set commission fees;
  • make token exchanges within the pool;
  • add/remove liquidity to/from the pool;
  • inject LP tokens into the farming pool and receive remuneration;
  • stake DAO tokens.

Specifics of the original protocols

A solution by RSquad

  • Trading is carried out by an automated market maker (AMM);
  • LP releases its token when liquidity is deposited to it and writes it to the balance of the liquidity provider;
  • when a liquidity pool token is burned, the user receives a part of the pool, according to his or her share;
  • The user interface deploys supplementary smart contract methods to get up-to-date data on token prices, and interacts with liquidity pools.
  • a set of smart contracts;
  • a user interface for interaction with smart contracts.
  • Both a crypto-purse (e.g., metamask) or another smart contract that is designed to interact with ERC-20 and DEX tokens can be a user. The user can act as a liquidity provider or a trader.
  • Only the owner, i.e. the address that was accepted by the farming smart contract during the deploy or during a subsequent change of owner, can be the farming administrator. The administrator can make changes to the operation of the farming.

Benefits of the solution by RSquad



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