RSquad: Technical Integration of GAGARIN and Polygon

2 min readSep 9, 2022

The RSquad team has achieved technical integration of the GAGARIN launchpad with Polygon, the world’s leading crypto platform.

As a result, the communities of both parties gained access to the new functionality, and the blockchain lab once again confirmed its expertise. In total, it took only three days to attain the objectives.👇

❓What has been done❓

The RSquad developers have implemented the integration of the Ethereum-based Polygon blockchain network into all the GAGARIN subsystems:

⠀➡️ Smart-contract: smart contracts have been deployed in the Polygon network and then initialized.

⠀➡️ Backend: Services have been created that synchronize data from the smart contracts and the centralized database.

⠀➡️ Frontend: Polygon mapping has been added and query logic depending on the specified network has been elaborated on.

💯 Practical result 💯

Thanks to the work done, new opportunities have opened up for the GAGARIN and Polygon communities:

✅ Users of the Polygon network can connect their wallets to GAGARIN and invest Polygon tokens in projects featured on the launchpad.

✅ Developers of the Polygon network can use the GAGARIN launchpad as a fundraising platform for their projects.

✅ The GAGARIN investor community gained access to promising projects created in the Polygon network.

‼️ It is worth noting that RSquad has previously successfully completed the whole range of works on the integration of GAGARIN with the CoinEx Smart Chain and OKX blockchain networks.

📖 Read the article about the integration of GAGARIN and OKX .

RSquad is a blockchain lab that has implemented more than 75 projects in various networks including the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and TON networks.

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