RSquad SUCCESSFUL CASE: GAGARIN and CoinEx Smart Chain integration

2 min readAug 21, 2022


In June 2022, the decentralized and highly efficient public blockchain CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) and the growing IDO platform GAGARIN announced a strategic cooperation. It assumed the integration of GAGARIN with CSC as one of the basic blockchain networks as part of the functionality of the platform for collecting investments and distributing tokens. The project was implemented by the RSquad team. We tell in the new section “Successful case”, how it was.

Briefly about the task

The main goal of integration is to combine the potentials of GAGARIN and CSC with the corresponding expansion of functionality for their communities. In this regard, there were two main tasks:
🔹 provide the GAGARIN community with quick access to network projects and programs in the CSC network.
🔹 provide CSC users with the opportunity to invest on GAGARIN using CSC network tokens.

Implementation period

July-August 2022.

The result obtained

Complete integration of the CSC network with the GAGARIN platform (in smart contracts, backend, frontend). This allows CSC users to connect to the launchpad and perform the following actions:
⠀🔹 participate in the GAGARIN private round (buy launchpad tokens (GGR) in the CSC network and use the provided privileges),
⠀🔹 invest stablecoins in the CSC network in all projects presented on the platform (including those created on the basis of the Polygon, OKX, BNB, Chain, etc. blockchain networks).
🔹 connect the multi-currency wallet ViaWallet belonging to the CSC network and enjoy the full functionality of the platform.
By the way, the integration of GAGARIN with the Polygon and OKXc networks was also carried out by the RSquad team. All work was carried out simultaneously with CSC, which only emphasizes the multitasking of RSquad specialists.
Projects developed in the CSC network have access to the GAGARIN platform. Projects can raise funds from investors for implementation and development. Automatically, members of the GAGARIN community were given the opportunity to invest in CSC network projects.

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