RSquad is working on integrating GAGARIN with TON

2 min readDec 21, 2022

The RSquad team is engaged in the technical integration of the GAGARIN ecosystem with the innovative TON blockchain. After the completion of the work, scheduled for the first half of January 2023, the communities of both parties will have access to the new functionality.

Why does RSquad implement the integration?

GAGARIN is a modern launch pad for crypto projects created by RSquad, which provides its full technical support.

RSquad has experience of cooperation with TON developers: joint work on cross-chain solutions TON Bridge and TON Trustless Bridge.

In 2022, the RSquad team has already successfully integrated GAGARIN with the networks of CoinEx Smart Chain, OKX, Polygon, etc.

Features of the TON network

TON is an innovative blockchain developed by Telegram with a fast growing ecosystem and millions of users.

Key Benefits:
⠀▫️ performance and versatility ahead of Solana and Ethereum 2.0;
⠀▫️ maximum decentralization;
⠀▫️ tiny fees;
⠀▫️ potential to support billions of users;
⠀▫️ internal token Toncoin claiming the status of the first mass cryptocurrency;
⠀▫️ favorable conditions for developers of DeFi, NFT, Web3, etc.

TON provides unlimited opportunities for startups and investors. And it’s inspiring!

What opportunities are opening up?

▪️ Integration will allow Prospective TON project development teams to collect investments for development, as well as successfully launch projects into the market together with the GAGARIN expert team.
▪️ The communities of both ecosystems will have the opportunity to support TON projects, and therefore participate in the development of the rapidly growing TON network.
▪️ Investors will be able to buy tokens of promising projects and earn on GAGARIN bonus programs.

How will GAGARIN help develop the TON ecosystem?

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