RSquad: a Comprehensive Approach to Development

2 min readSep 13, 2022

Did you know that a dragonfly’s eye consists of 30,000 facets — areas responsible for displaying fragments of the environment? When combined, they provide a 360-degree picture, which provides the insect with unrivaled functionality.

Just in the same way, RSquad always follows an integrated approach, where employees responsible for separate areas always see the future product in the system. Here’s how it works.

From different angles

Any project is evaluated by the RSquad team with user requests in mind.

💬 — You will evaluate the interface just like an information system operator and like an official, you will pay more attention to the dynamics of changes in the industry indicators. Boris Pimonenko, the CEO of RSquad, is convinced that “These tasks are important to see, take into account and properly implement”.

5 strata of information systems

For the desired result to be attained, the future product must be seen from both the users’ perspective and from that of the specialists involved in the creation. For example, conceptual architects often do not understand the environment of technical developers or vice versa.

To avoid confusion, RSquad adheres to emergent stratification, dividing the information systems space into 5 strata or levels:

⠀1️⃣ signal,

⠀2️⃣ data processing,

⠀3️⃣ information services,

⠀4️⃣ business,

⠀5️⃣ development goals strata.

In this way, each employee, regardless of local tasks, clearly understands the entire system. A harmonious combination of developments is achieved, and the final product receives unique properties.

🛩 “Soft landing”

Another mandatory component is the “landing” of conceptual tasks. At RSquad, it is the responsibility of the technical specialist working with the visionary.

The T-shaped principle works. There is a conceptualist who understands the industry (the horizontal part “ — “), and a highly specialized specialist (the vertical part “I”). In sum, a broad professional outlook and profound expertise make the “T” symbol, a stable and functional system open to interaction.

📍 RSquad is a team that has successfully implemented 75 projects in various networks, including the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, TON networks.
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RSquad is a international team of experts specialized in the development of decentralized information systems based on blockchain technology.