New Partnership in the TON Network

2 min readJan 24, 2023

We are happy to announce a new partnership between RSquad and the Scaleton team which provides users with unique opportunities for financial transactions and development of DApps in the TON network.

Scaleton is an ecosystem of products built on the progressive TON blockchain:

▫️ DeDust is a decentralized exchange that was the first in the network to provide free token imports, and now suprasses other DeFi services in the number of active users.

▫️ Tonkite is a toolkit for developers that makes it noticeably easier to create DApps based on TON.

Given the potential of Scaleton, and the experience of RSquad in developing various projects, the cooperation will be beneficial for both sides, improving and better integrating the existing products.

It should be noted that while working on cross chain solutions for TON blockchain, the RSquad team appreciated the innovativeness and great potential of the network.

Therefore, in December it started integrating its own project GAGARIN (crowdfunding platform) into TON, and is also set to further develop relations with the projects of the network.

RSquad has been developing blockchain solutions of any level of complexity for over 7 years. The lab has carried out over 75 successful projects for customers coming from 14 countries.

The projects were implemented in the networks of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc.

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RSquad is a international team of experts specialized in the development of decentralized information systems based on blockchain technology.