Investment Fund Management — a Solution from RSquad

Tasks that the product carries out

For the investor:

  • The interface of the system enables you to see all the projects in which the investor takes part, with the sums being indicated, e.g. how much was invested and where, fees, the number of tokens received and the number of those left to receive, etc.
  1. Equal access to tokens. All users receive project tokens almost simultaneously and can use them at their discretion without delay.
  2. A convenient tool for tracking and managing one’s investments.
  3. Transparency of smart contract system processes.

For the system administrator:

  • Automation of processes for placing projects, adding users (that is investors) to these projects;
  • Convenient collection and distribution of tokens.
  • Fast and simultaneous distribution of tokens to all investors. The full cycle from receiving project tokens to sending them to users takes 4 minutes.
  • Demonstration of the fund’s commitment through the transparency of the system’s processes based on smart contracts.

Development opportunities

  • the function of automated report generation and distribution,
  • the function of building a referral program,
  • any necessary additional tools in the user’s personal account.

Product interface

  • There is a list of all existing projects. If one goes to a specific project where distribution has already taken place, one will see a list of investors, the number of offered, deposited and distributed tokens.
  • Project creation function: enter the name, description, price, future token icon, add investors.
  • The distribution procedure. After creating the project, adding investors and transferring their investments, the administrator enters the token address, presses “distribute” and all investors receive the required number of tokens. It is possible to specify the maximum amount and use the FCFS function — in this case users can redeem as many tokens as they want.

Advantages of the solution from RSquad



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