EYWA Cross-chain Prepares A Revolution In DeFi

Boris Povar, photo from the personal LinkedIn account

The Flip Side Of DeFi

With Occam’s Razor In Hand

  1. Blockchain develops its infrastructure and builds bridges, attracting as many users as possible from Ethereum and other platforms. So far, this is the direction in which Free TON is also moving.
  2. Cross-chain platforms are being created that look for the most acceptable level of interaction with the largest number of blockchains and strive to guess the optimal user experience. This is also the choice of the EYWA project, which at the same time, positions itself above the fray.
  • So that once on the blockchain website, the user can exchange one cryptocurrency for any other.
  • So that a liquidity pool is created immediately.
  • Without fee or with the option to pay it in the currency of your choice.

How Is It All Supposed To Be Implemented

Uniting On The Way To Success



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