Cooperation with RSquad: 4 Steps a New Project Takes

2 min readAug 24, 2022

What is the secret behind a tasty dish? Quality products!? It’s hardly enough. What is needed is the knowledge and compliance with the recipe. Software also has its own “recipe”. We will tell you about the four steps the RSquad team follows while dealing with each project.

1️⃣ Analysis

Prerequisite for forming a clear idea of the customer’s requirements. This includes a business interview in which the problems to be solved are discussed, as well as expectations and priorities in the functionality of the future technical solution.

RSquad staff members go through the collected information, structure it and form the basis of the terms of reference. If the proposed solutions satisfy the client, an agreement is signed.

2️⃣ Analytics and design

The stage in which ideas take shape. The RSquad development team creates a prototype of the future product. This stage allows to:

⠀▫️ analyze the chosen solution,

⠀▫️ identify and eliminate possible shortcomings at an early stage,

⠀▫️ assess the usability.

⠀When all these nuances are taken into account, the detailed work on the design of the project begins. In parallel, a functional specification is developed.

3️⃣ Development

The RSquad team follows an interactive development model. Its peculiarity is the priority creation of a working prototype, which gradually grows in functionality. At the same time, a thorough check of compliance with the specification is carried out at each stage by means of testing.

The specified closed “Requirements — Development — Testing — Quality Assessment — Requirements” cycle can be repeated a couple of times until the result matches the customer requirements.

The stage is completed with the training of the customer company representatives and the transfer of the project for maintenance.

4️⃣ Maintenance/follow up

For one year after project completion, RSquad guarantees technical support for its projects and the elimination of shortcomings identified during operation.

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